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Hi, I’m happy that you landed on my website! Can’t you tell by looking at MY BIG SMILE? This blog is about Internet marketing and sharing my life (with you) through my profession and personal experiences. If you find anything interesting make sure you share it with your friends and pass it along to your followers. You're invited to interact with me on this website as much as you like. I would love to hear from you as we both continue our lifelong journey.

Article marketing has always been a great method of mine to advertise and let the search engines know that your website exist. It gives an opportunity for your visitors to receive FREE information before landing on your website. This pre-selling method by using useful content might be the exact method you need to sell your products online.

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Although article marketing is not my favorite method of getting traffic, articles allow you to get valuable links to your website. By submitting your articles to article directories, your content is shared by other website owners that need relevant content for their website. All the while driving targeted traffic through the links in your articles and bio paragraph at the bottom of the article. This will also increase your search engine ranking by linking from relevant information that people find useful.

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There are many affiliate programs on the Internet that can give you a nice stream of income and additional revenue for your website.  Some are self-hosted by the publishers that own the products and others are major affiliate programs that simply host other products from thousands of vendors all over the world.

Depending on the niche, picking which affiliate program I decide to use may be determined by the kind of product I want to promote. I like to promote Ebooks. Information is the main reason people mostly use the Internet. So eBooks are an easy sell to people looking for solution to there problems. For this reason my number 1 affiliate program to start off with is…

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Ted WilliamsWe live in a world where showcasing your talent on the Internet could mean instant fame. Especially this day in age when a Homeless man like Ted Williams can go from being a man with no home, money or food and in a few short hours be the new spokes person for Kraft. Ted is one of many (now celebrities) that found the viral implications of the Internet and it’s instant speed of communication. You could be the next instant celebrity also…

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Gladys WagnerIt’s been a full year (to the date) of my  mothers passing. I miss her every second of every day. But her words and the fighting voice in my head gives me the strength to move forward with my life and make my Mother proud. I thought I should make this post a memorable one for myself and for the person that influenced me the most. My Mother Gladys Wagner. She will be greatly missed by me, my family and those who loved her.

I wrote this post 5 times contemplating if I should do this or not. This is a personal topic that I don’t like to talk about much. But you know what? I’m glad I did…

In Memory of Gladys Wagner

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